I’m in a scholarship program called ACTION. Deacon Dan is head, and he invited me to Mass. That really opened a lot of doors for me, and eventually I met the lovely Rachel Hawk who invited me to Arise—a women's prayer group on campus. This really catapulted my journey of really knowing Catholicism. A couple of months later, Deacon Dan asked me to join RCIA and become a sponsor which is something I’ve never done before! It was really awesome. I really learned so much about Catholicism that I didn’t know was possible. This year I am currently a team member for RCIA and am on team for Koinonia.

When I think of my home church, I think of St. Tom’s. It helps to have people who are the same age going through the same life journey. In the summertime, it feels like I’m always lacking something, and I didn’t really put together that it was St. Tom’s until I came back this past Fall. 

Anabel Alexander, Junior