We went on our first date and it went “badly”. We went to go see Christmas lights and Keaton ended up hitting a car on our way. But we had the best conversations. He ended up hitting the car because he was staring at me. He said he couldn’t stop looking at me so he hit the car! We kept talking after that, and then I graduated and came to BGSU. Keaton ended up coming to BG the following year. 

Walking into Freshman year without him I got to see there was a whole new world outside of our town. My discernment was a lot of prayer time to sit in and ask a lot of questions. God kept reassuring me and working me through those concerns, and eventually I hit a point where I just 'knew'.

Keaton had a support system with the men in the church here and I had mine with the women. When we were growing separately we were also growing as a couple. If we didn’t have that support system walking into college it definitely would have been challenging, especially with the society we have today.


Abigail White, Senior

After the first date I dropped her off and went home, and my dad stayed up to ask me how it went. I had never talked to another person so easily, the way Abigail and I had talked to each other. Me being myself, I told my dad I think she is the one. As we grew closer I yearned more for the marriage life with her. 

Being closer together here at BG and St. Tom's helped us out tremendously. We used to pray back home, we even used to have this thing called FCA (Fellowship Christian Athletes) that Abigail started at our high school, and I co-led after she graduated. Being able to go to adoration here together has been amazing. We didn’t get that back home, the community here. It was a lot more community-based. Through that we grew closer to the Lord.

Keaton McEldowney, Senior

Keaton and Abigail are one of ten couples currently undergoing pre-marriage formation at St. Tom's.