When I started my freshman year, I would go frequently to praise and worship on Wednesday nights and then moved into Offenhauer and began going less often. There were a lot of people asking me to go on this Koinonia retreat. I think I got asked to go on the first one, but I kept saying no, that’s not my thing. My senior year I finally said yes and I went on BGK6. That is where I met my wife Kelsey. I actually proposed to her in Seton Hall gym because that was where we officially met. I sadly waited until late in my career to really get involved, but the last year I was there was really pivotal.

I did the whole college fall-away Catholic thing. It was the little things that kept nagging at me to eventually go to St. Tom's. I knew it was all surrounded in God, and the Holy Spirit was guiding me. I never felt so much peace.

St. Tom’s holds a special place in our hearts, and although we haven’t been back there yet it still feels like home. It housed pivotal moments in our lives. We want that for more people. We always talked about how we change our tithing, St. Tom’s is the one that will never leave, we don’t ever see us NOT giving to St. Tom’s because of how important it is. We want that for so many more people. 

Kyle Racette

It’s crazy how in different seasons the Lord provides, and just how it looks so different each time... In HS we had youth group and my family unit at home...Then college Sophomore year I had that yearning still and really took off with it from there...That carried on into our adult life once Kyle and I got married. We were yearning for young adults we could learn life with and grow together. Family to friends to catechetics.

There are so many memories at the parish, it’s such a pivotal point. It played such a big part in our faith journey and in each other that we hope with our tithing that the resources can be used to welcome others and to love on other college students. 

Kelsey Racette