I had the pleasure of being a part of Mary’s bible study this [past fall]. Throughout my life I had grown up Catholic going to church every Sunday, but I never had the opportunity to be involved in a bible study. When I heard about the one Mary put together I knew that it was something I really wanted to experience. 


Joining a bible study helped me learn more about my faith and showed me how to become closer to God by teaching me how to pray. An important idea that has stuck with me throughout my time during bible study was that we need to be intentional in our prays in order to open our hearts to God. Life can be challenging and it can be hard to find time to think about praying with all the other things going on but it is important to take some time throughout the day to talk to God and thank him for all the gifts He has given us. 

Emma Borbley, Freshman
Bible Study Participant


Back when I decided to come to BG, there was something about this place that I knew I needed to be a part of. And especially now, I can see it’s just because of the connection between the college and the parish, it’s just like something I’ve never seen before, especially coming from a parish that didn’t really have very many college students who would go to it. Having one that’s completely focused on it, one that has a connection between the parishioners and the college students, I think is something that I think is important. 

I think definitely BGK—Koinonia retreat—was something where I had felt community before, but that retreat just opened my eyes to the beauty of being connected as a group. You know, it was the most welcoming experience I have had probably, I would even say, in my entire life. It was very much, you know, it was different. It was unlike anything I had ever gone on.

Ethan Nagy, Senior

Koinonia Lay Director for Spring Retreat, Elpida


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