Labor Day Weekend Retreat

The Newman CLC will take part in a multi-day retreat over the Labor Day Weekend. Details about the retreat will be communicated over the summer.


Liturgy of the Hours

Once a week, usually on Tuesdays, the Newman CLC will gather together with members of the STM community to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Following prayer, a free breakfast will be provided. CLC members are expected to help with leading prayer, providing music, or planning and preparing breakfast (expenses are covered by STM).


Holy Mass

Every member of the Newman CLC is expected to attend Holy Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation.



Spring Social

Prior to the start of the fall semester, and usually before the end of the current academic year, the Newman Resident Ministers will host a half day retreat for Newman residents to get to know each other.  This social event is encouraged, but not mandatory.


CLC Orientation

Newman Resident Ministers will host an orientation day the Sunday before the BGSU academic year begins. Orientation typically goes from noon (lunch provided) and ends with the 5:00pm Mass. This event allows residents to prepare for the semester, grow as a community, share important information, and answer questions.


Care for Common Spaces

As part of your residency agreement, all residents will maintain the cleanliness and sanitary levels of both individual and shared living spaces. Each resident will be assigned a week to clean the kitchen and laundry room each semester; however, all residents are expected to clean up after themselves. A schedule and tasks for cleaning will be assigned by the Newman Resident Ministers and posted in the kitchen. If a resident does not fulfill these duties, fails to maintain their apartment, or repeatedly does not clean up after themselves, part of their Security Deposit will be withheld. A chart of cleaning fees will be given upon move-in or can be requested at any time.


Family Dinners

Once a month, the Catholic Living Community will come together for a family dinner.  This is a closed-door opportunity for the Newman residents to grow in community over a meal. This is usually a potluck-style meal where everyone is asked to bring a dish to share.


Family Meetings

From time to time, the Newman Resident Ministers will arrange for family meetings to address issues that affect the community as they arise.



BGSU Studies

Members of the Newman CLC recognize that their present vocation is to be a student.  It is expected that all Newman CLC members will be actively enrolled in classes at BGSU each semester and will be diligent in attending to their university studies.


Small Group Faith Formation

Faith is both action and content.  There is the act of faith by which we believe and there is the content of the faith that we believe. Members of the Newman CLC are expected to take part in small group faith formation that is offered by our St. Tom’s ministry team each semester particularly for our Newman CLC (for example, a Bible Study, Book Study, or thematic study).




STM Welcome Home Weekend

Our Newman CLC calls the St. Thomas More Campus their home. Welcome Home Weekend (Freshman Move-In through the the first Sunday Masses with all students on campus) serves as a sort of “Open House” to introduce students to our STM campus and make them feel welcome in their Home Away From Home.  Our Newman CLC members serve as the animators for this weekend. Animators plan, organize, and execute the event under the direction of STM Staff and the Newman Resident Ministers.


Campus Ministry

Each member of the Newman CLC is expected to choose a campus ministry apostolate each semester in which they will be an active animator (for example, Thou Shall Chow, Sports Night, Friday Night Out, Night of Worship). Animators plan, organize, promote, and execute their assigned campus ministry events under the direction of the STM Staff and Student Leaders. Sign-ups will be held at the beginning of each semester.