I couldn't be more blessed to have found the Newman housing Community two years ago.  This is my third year as a student at Bowling Green State University. I love living in this community because there are so many amazing people I've become friends with. The structure around God that this community has inspired me to be a better Christian and to have a stronger relationship with Jesus. 

I have made so many memories living here. I started out a little shy my first year but as I got to know people I realized I was able to be myself around them. My experiences here, I know, are unlike those I would have had if I had lived anywhere else. I tried to participate in as many activities as I could my first year, to meet new people. I love how in communities like this, everyone is incredibly friendly and they feel like family by the end of the year. 

We had an undoubtedly hard and confusing spring semester, with everything going Online so suddenly. Being home for a while was good, but I'm sure like many others, I couldn't wait to get back with my friends in the Newman Housing Community. I know everyone working behind the scenes has done a lot to make sure we students were able to come back. I couldn't imagine, even with things being different this year. not living here for my last two years of college. I am eternally grateful for everything this community has done for me. 

Stephany Divaccaro, Junior

I first learned about St. Tom's when my parents and I were on a tour in BG. We noticed that there was a Newman Center and we thought that was cool because we attend a Newman Center in Columbus. As a freshman living at Kohl Hall, I met my friend Nate who is involved [here] at the Newman Center, and I learned more about the community from him. Living here meant a lot to me because [this] is a good community of people that share the same values as me. During the pandemic this community offers a safe place to live and interact with other people.

Nico Hartzell, Sophomore

I wanted to be a part of Newman Housing my Junior year because I wanted to be part of the community. I thought there was no better way to do that than to live at the church with a group of people who shared my values. Sadly, at the end of last year we had to get sent home, but that didn't stop me from wanting to live in Newman Housing again. Not only is it close to campus, but there are so many kind people who genuinely want to talk to you and go on spontaneous adventures together. And I have found that that has only grown this year. Newman Housing has given me the chance to meet new people and become a part of a community when I felt I had nowhere else to go. I didn't have a lot of close friends my first couple years of college and didn't have anyone to room with me when I went off campus. With Newman Housing I didn't need to have that figured out and I wasn't worried about getting stuck with a bad roommate because we all came here to be together.

Katherine Croswell, Senior



St. Thomas More University Parish as a family of faith loves, serves, and enhances the community of Bowling Green State University through an invitation to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, experienced in the Sacraments of the Catholic Church so that all may grow intellectually, personally, and spiritually.


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