Resident Responsibilities

Newman CLC residents shall comply with all duties imposed on them by the applicable provisions of all state laws, municipal codes, regulations, and ordinances. Newman CLC facilities include the apartments, courtyard, laundry room, and Antioch Kitchen and Dining Room. It is the responsibility of the resident to maintain the upkeep and cleanliness of these areas. Furthermore, residents are expected to follow all guidelines and regulations put forth in this document.



Leases for the 2021-2022 academic year will take place on Saturday, August 21, 2021. Move-in will be that weekend. Community events for Newman CLC will begin that week. BGSU Classes begin on Monday, August 30.


For Spring Semester Leases, the move-in date will be Saturday, January 29, 2022.



Your mailing address is:


     433 Thurstin Street, Apt. #___ 

     Bowling Green, Ohio 43402


Please note that this is different from the parish address. Items mailed to the parish address will be available for pick-up in the front office.


Resident mailboxes are located in the Laundry Room. Outgoing letters should be placed in the black mailbox by the brick wall leading to Fireside making sure to put the red flag up.



All residents are provided with an assigned parking space in the large STM lot across from Offenhauer. After registering your car with the Newman Resident Ministers, you will be issued a parking permit for your assigned space. Residents are required to post the parking permit (sticker) on the driver's side of the front window of the car. The permit must be returned at the time of checkout; failure to do so will result in a charge of $15.00. 


If you have a different car than was first registered you will need to see the Newman Resident Ministers or STM office staff to receive a temporary parking pass for your vehicle. If possible, please do this prior to bringing the other car back to avoid being towed.


The turn-around area and front lot are not to be used by residents except for short-term loading and unloading of no more than 15 minutes. Once you have unloaded your car, please return it to your parking space immediately. These areas are strictly off limits each day during scheduled Mass times.  


If you have a visitor, you may check out a guest pass from the Newman Resident Ministers who will provide you with a pass and instructions for your guest. 


All fines for resident or guest vehicles which have been towed due to failure to adhere to parking guidelines will be the responsibility of the owner.


Visitors and Quiet Hours

Hospitality is a core value of our Newman CLC. Residents are welcome to invite guests into private and shared living spaces but are asked to respect the needs of others.  While members of the opposite sex are welcome to visit in both public and private spaces, they are prohibited from staying the night in an apartment of someone of the opposite sex and should leave before quiet hours begin.


Quiet hours are Midnight-7:00am on weeknights and 1:00am-7:00am on weekends.



Public Facilities

Public facilities at St. Tom’s include: Fireside Lounge, Upper Room, Antioch Library, Romero Room, Emmaus Room, Seton Hall, Mother Theresa Kitchen and Pantry, Martin de Porres Room, Merton Room, the church, and any outdoor courtyards and parking lots. Many of these spaces are open for resident use at any time. The spaces which are locked, however, may be signed out at the permission of any STM senior staff. 


It is the responsibility of the resident and guests who are using these facilities to clean up after themselves. Repeat offenses will be prohibited from future use of the space and may be subject to a fine. Please do not leave any personal items (backpacks, laptops, coats) unattended in these public areas--including the Newman courtyard and laudry room. St. Thomas More is not responsible for any items left in public spaces.  


Residents are NOT permitted to use any materials from public or private facilities for personal use without permission from STM senior staff. This includes cooking materials, tools, games and equipment, and folding tables and chairs.


Sleeping, whether resident or non-resident, in all public places is prohibited.

Antioch Kitchen and Dining Room Regulations

Antioch Kitchen and Dining Room are shared spaces for Newman CLC residents. Guests may be welcomed into these facilities at the invitation of residents only.


Each apartment will be allocated a space in the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. It is expected that residents will keep their personal items within the confines of their designated areas. If additional storage is needed, residents may have a personal mini-refrigerator in their apartment.


It is inconsiderate and improper to use the personal items of another resident, including roommate, without his/her permission. Such a violation of privacy constitutes stealing.


Stewardship is an important part of community life in the Newman CLC. As such, residents are responsible for the care and cleanliness of Antioch Kitchen and Dining Room. Whenever a resident or guest uses these facilities it is his/her responsibility to clean up before leaving. This includes washing and putting away dishes, wiping counters and tables, and throwing away trash. No dishes, pans, or utensils should be left in the sink or on the counter. Food should be properly stored in sealed containers and labelled with the date they were made. Failure to abide by cleaning guidelines will result in disciplinary action and/or fines.


STM has provided a dishwasher in Antioch Kitchen for resident use. Dishes must be rinsed off before being placed in the dishwasher in an orderly fashion. Only use the dishwasher detergent which is provided by STM staff and located under the sink. DO NOT use regular dish soap in the dishwasher. 


As part of the stewardship responsibilities of living in Newman CLC, each resident will be assigned a week to do extra cleaning duties for the community. This includes sweeping, taking out trash, making sure the dishwasher is run and unloaded, and wiping down all surfaces. The schedule of cleaning duties will be posted in the Antioch Kitchen next to the pantry. Failure to complete these duties will result in fines.


Personal Appliances

Small microwaves, coffee pots/Keurig machines, radios, TV sets, stereos, and small refrigerators are permitted in your rooms. The resident will provide and use a surge protector in order to prevent electrical problems. Cooking appliances such as hot plates, George Foreman’s grills, and other high voltage appliances are prohibited. If prohibited cooking appliances are used in rooms they may be confiscated until the resident moves out and the violation may result in a $25 fine.  Questions regarding acceptable appliances should be directed to STM senior staff.


Trash and Recycling

Empty personal trash in apartments and bathrooms regularly to maintain sanitary conditions. Trash is disposed of in the dumpster behind the Seton Hall Boiler room. A key is available on the peg board in Antioch Kitchen in order to unlock the dumpster. Make sure to return the key when finished. 


Recycling is available outside of the entrance to the laundry room for plastic bottles, cardboard, glass, and aluminum/metal cans. If you choose to recycle, please ensure all food is cleaned out or washed off. Improper use of the dumpster or recycling bins may result in disciplinary action.



St. Thomas More is a non-smoking facility. Use of any smoking products (including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and hookah) is prohibited everywhere on property. E-cigarettes and vaping are also not permitted. Smoking in the apartments or in any STM building will result in a $100 fine per occurrence. Residents who smoke in the courtyard or on other outside parish property will be assessed a $10 fine per occurrence.



Burning candles in your apartments is prohibited. The candles can leave soot marks on your walls and ceilings, causing the need to repaint the room. Burning candles may result in a $10 fine per occurrence.


Security Deposit

A security deposit equal to one month's rent is due at the time of your lease signing. The security deposit will be refunded after rooms have been inventoried by STM senior staff. Refunds will be sent via mail only. Please leave a forwarding address when you check out so that we can send your security deposit and any other mail received past your residency. Allow six (6) weeks for refunds after you turn in your key. 


In order to ensure a full refund of your security deposit, a room inventory checklist will be provided at both check-in and check-out. Residents must clean the apartment and bathroom thoroughly. All personal items must be removed from the room and trash should be taken to the dumpster. Failure to clean rooms will result in a deduction from your security deposit, starting at $25. Damage to drywall, carpet, doors, and other permanent items will also be charged against your security deposit. A list of deductions taken from the security deposit will be sent along with any funds returned. The refunds are non-negotiable.


To document and calculate the need for withholding funds from the deposit, STM senior staff will conduct two (2) assessments of Newman Residence properties and apartments and consult with the Newman Resident Ministers and the Pastor beginning one (1) month prior to the end of the current academic year.


1st Assessment: STM senior staff will visit the apartments and assess whether there are any damages that still need to be addressed. At this time, a detailed cleaning list will be given to the Newman Resident Ministers to distribute among the residents. If the residents do not satisfactorily clean their apartments and the shared living spaces themselves, STM will hire a cleaning crew and any cleaning charges that are incurred will be taken out of the residents’ Security Deposit.


2nd Assessment: Approximately three (3) weeks following the 1st Assessment, any damages and all cleaning responsibilities that were noted in the initial assessment will be inspected. A decision will be made with the STM senior staff and the Newman Resident Ministers as to what amount (if any) should be assessed from the security deposits. Any cleaning charges of private spaces (apartment and bathroom) will be assessed and divided among residents in that apartment/suite. Any cleaning charges of shared spaces assessed from security deposits will be billed equally across all Newman residents, including staff, regardless of time and effort put into cleaning. Note, however, that an individual may be individually assessed for damage that they, specifically, are responsible for. Newman residents are always expected to repair/replace damages for which they are responsible. It is preferred that these happen out of pocket from the Newman resident rather than coming from the security deposit. 


Your security deposit will not be returned if you fail to return your key. Any previous damages to the room or furnishings must be reported on move-in forms if full deposit is expected. Rooms must be vacated by the time set forth in the lease. Any term broken in the lease or housing request form will result in a forfeiture of the entire security deposit.


The following items are included in the furnishings of the apartment and are to be left when moving out: bed, mattress, desk, chair, trash cans (apartment and bathroom), modem, cable box, remote control, crucifix, and shower curtain. Items which are missing when STM senior staff inventories the room will be assessed from the security deposit. 



Fall Semester Leases will expire on Sunday, December 19, 2021. Academic Year and Spring Semester Leases will expire on Sunday, May 22, 2022. When your lease expires you are responsible for returning your keys and completing the check-out process with the Newman Resident Ministers. 



Leases with Newman CLC are legal and binding contracts. Once a lease has been signed and returned to St. Thomas More the leasee is under legal obligation to fulfill the terms of the lease agreement; meaning, full payment of the rent for the lease period. 


If an individual has been accepted as a resident of Newman CLC but has yet to sign a lease, and decides to not reside at Newman CLC, we ask that Newman Resident Ministers are notified as soon as possible.




The general conduct policies of St. Thomas More University Parish (STM) applies to all members living in the Newman Catholic Living Community. Residents of Newman CLC are personally responsible for their actions.


These policies are not meant to be exhaustive and do not cover every situation that may arise. STM reserves the right to make changes at any time, with or without prior notice, and to interpret these policies and procedures at their discretion with justice and mercy.


Although residents are not required to be Catholic, all members of the Newman CLC will strive to live in accordance with Christian Virtue. Newman CLC residents are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a way that does not oppose the teachings of the Catholic Church nor causes scandal to the wider community.



Newman CLC residents will uphold the confidential nature of the information shared with them by other residents as well as non-residents and will refrain from disclosing such information to those who have no need for, or right to, that information. Gossip is a sin.



STM prohibits harassment of any kind and will take appropriate and immediate action in response to complaints or knowledge of infractions. Harassment is any verbal or physical conduct designed to threaten, intimidate, or coerce any other person, no matter their association with Newman CLC or STM.


The following examples of harassment are intended to be guidelines and are not exclusive when determining whether there has been a violation of this policy:

  • Verbal harassment includes comments that are offensive or unwelcome regarding a person’s national origin, race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, appearance, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status or other protected status, including epithets, slurs, and negative stereotyping.

  • Nonverbal harassment includes distribution, display, or discussion of any written or graphic material that ridicules, denigrates, insults, belittles, or shows hostility, aversion, or disrespect toward an individual or group because of national origin, race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, appearance, disability, sexual identity, marital status, or other protected status.



Newman CLC Residents will not act in such a manner as to cause discomfort or humiliation by communication of a sexual nature, sexually explicit language, or any unwelcome physical contact. 


Sexual harassment may take different forms. The following examples of sexual harassment are intended to be guidelines and are not exclusive when determining whether there has been a violation of this policy:


  • Verbal sexual harassment includes innuendoes, suggestive comments, jokes of a sexual nature, sexual propositions, lewd remarks and threats; requests for any type of sexual favor (this includes repeated, unwelcome requests for dates); and verbal abuse or “kidding” that is oriented toward a prohibitive form of harassment, including that which is sexual in nature and unwelcome.

  • Nonverbal sexual harassment includes the distribution, display, or discussion of any written or graphic material, including calendars, posters, and cartoons that are sexually suggestive or show hostility toward an individual or group because of sex; suggestive or insulting sounds; leering; staring; whistling; obscene gestures; content in letters, notes, e-mails, photos, text messages, tweets, and social media postings; or others forms of communication that are sexual in nature and offensive.

  • Physical sexual harassment includes unwelcome, unwanted physical contact, including touching, tickling, pinching, patting, brushing up against, hugging, cornering, kissing, fondling, and forced sexual intercourse or assult.


Courteous, mutually respectful, pleasant, noncoercive interactions between community members that are appropriate, acceptable to, and welcomed by both parties are not considered to be harassment, including sexual harassment.



While Newman CLC residents are not required to abstain from alcohol use, the following restrictions are enforced.:

  • State law forbids the consumption of alcohol by those under the age of 21.

  • Per law, any individual providing alcohol to an underage individual can be held responsible for the damage caused by the underage individual.

  • Alcohol is not to be stored in common areas or any place easily accessible by underage residents.

  • Newman CLC residents who are of legal drinking age are expected to handle the use of alcohol with respect and maturity; both on and off STM premises. This includes drunkenness, providing alcohol to underage individuals, or storing alcohol for underage individuals.



St. Thomas More values all student renters and their property. All Newman CLC members will respect the property of other residents as well as all properties owned by St. Thomas More Parish. Therefore we will not tolerate theft of any kind. That includes, but is not limited to, theft of money, tools, technology, and personal property such as clothing, jewelry, backpacks, purses, or wallets.


Any incidents of theft should be reported immediately to a Newman Resident Minister or a member of the STM Senior Staff (Director of Campus Ministry, Parish Manager, or Pastor). We retain the right to use video cameras and/or software to identify and detect theft or damages. We will investigate all claims of theft and if necessary, a police report will be filed.



We recognize that accidents happen; however, it is the responsibility of Newman CLC residents to report any damages to and concerns with public and private facilities to STM senior staff. A report will be written and sent to STM Maintenance to resolve. If the damages are found to be caused by an individual, either through intent or negligence, the party may be held financially responsible. 


Recognizing that living in the Newman CLC carries with it the responsibility for appropriate behavior, STM will not tolerate inappropriate behavior as outlined in this document. Without excluding other grounds, any of the following may be considered grounds for disciplinary action or removal from the Newman CLC and/or STM premises:


  • Any acts of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and/or sexual harassment.

  • Engaging in slander, gossip, or spreading rumors regarding other Newman CLC residents, STM community members, the Catholic Church, or STM Parish in general.

  • Any immoral, disorderly, or indecent conduct toward another Newman CLC resident and/or member of the STM community, including the use of abusive, profane, or threatening language.

  • Consuming drugs or alcohol with the intent of intoxication, or using or possessing illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia on STM premises including Newman apartments and common spaces or at any STM event.

  • Alcohol and other substance abuse.

  • Misusing, destroying, or damaging any property belonging to STM or individual Newman CLC residents. The offending party will also be held financially responsible for such damage.

  • Engaging in behavior designed to create discord among Newman CLC residents, willfully withholding participation, or encouraging others to engage in such behavior.

  • Creating situations or conditions that create discord among Newman CLC residents, result in an inability to live out the commitments, or place undue stress on residents’ lives.

  • Lack of satisfactory participation in Newman CLC commitments.  


If any Newman CLC resident is accused of inappropriate behavior, it is the policy of STM to investigate all accusations of wrongdoing. All investigations will be dealt with according to the following standards:


  • The Catholic principle of subsidiarity should always be followed. (Cf. Matthew 18:15-20)

  • All facts will be carefully reviewed by the Newman Resident Ministers and, if necessary, the Director of Campus Ministry and/or Pastor; the resident will be given full opportunity to explain his/her conduct before any decision is reached.

  • In the case of alleged serious misconduct where an accusation has been made against a resident, that resident may face an immediate 3-5 day removal from the Newman CLC and STM property. A proper investigation will follow.

  • If the investigation determines a breach of the standards of conduct listed above, the Pastor will issue either a probation or a discharge. For a probation, the Newman CLC resident will be prohibited from residential living spaces on the STM property for a period of six months upon the issue of the probation. The resident will then need to provide the Pastor with concrete evidence of efforts toward changing and improving behavior. In the event of a discharge, a removal from the STM property will take effect immediately. The resident must leave the Newman CLC, return all STM property, and remove all of their personal belongings from the premises.