Prayer Lab Booklet (1).png
PRAYER LAB [ prair lab ] 

noun, plural prayer labs

1.    Any place, situation, set of conditions, or the like, conductive to experiment, investigation, and observation regarding different ways to encounter the Divine.


2.    30-45 minute experiences ths Lent at St. Thomas More which give you a chance to learn about a prayer technique, hear from someone who finds a particular kind of prayer powerful, and actually put into practice the kind of prayer you've learned.


Praying in Conversation with Jesus with Fr. Jeff Walker

In the context of Eucharistic Adoration, you will learn a method of Relational Prayer that will help you talk to Jesus like you’re talking to a friend.

FRIDAY | MARCH 11 | 7:00PM

Praying the Stations of the Cross with Sophia Bauer

A Lenten classic! Discover the origins and importance of this mini-pilgrimage along the road to Calvary with our Lord.


Praying by Ignatian Meditation with FOCUS Missionaries

Meditation is about raising the mind to God. This style of meditation taught by St. Ignatius of Loyola engages the imagination to draw you into relationship with the Lord.

 SUNDAY | MARCH 20 | 7:00PM

Praying through Sacred Song with J. Schuester

When man comes into contact with God, mere speech is not enough...Members of a Young Adult Chori from Ohio and Indiana will unveil the musical treasures of the Church and show how beautiful music leads us deeper into the Holy Mass.

The choir will also sing at the 5:00pm Sunday Mass.


Praying through Praise with Damascus

Let us approach him with praise and thanksgiving and sing joyful songs to the Lord! Missionaries from Damascus Worship will reveal of the power of prayer in the Holy Spirit and worshiping God through songs of praise.

Damascus Worship will also lead the Night of Worship at 9pm.

MONDAY | MARCH 28 | 7:00PM

Praying the Liturgy of the Hours with Deacon Dan Brahier

From the rising of the sun to its setting, may the Name of the Lord be praised! Based on the Psalms and Canticles of Holy Scripture, the Liturgy of the Hours sanctifies the

hours of the day and unites the voices of the faithful in the official prayer of the Church.


Praying as a Penitent with Fr. Jeff Walker

Whether it’s been 2 weeks or 22 years since your last confession, this night is all about prayerfully preparing to make a good confession. From the Basics to Pro Tips and plenty of time for questions, you might learn to make the best confession of your life!

Put into practice what you learn by celebrating reconciliation on the Day of Mercy on Wednesday, April 6 from 9am-9pm.