My faith before St. Tom’s was definitely established fortunately, but it also had an opportunity to grow in a world where people were like-minded as me—and  also not like-minded—and that continued to develop after I graduated. Now that I’ve been working and recently married, it’s challenged me to become more aware with my faith. I definitely had a good background established at St. Tom’s to help me persevere and further develop a love for my faith; life gives me several opportunities to apply my faith and keep it at the center of my daily life. 

I’m in a transition period in my life where I’m still able to attend St. Tom’s when I can for Mass and adoration, and so I still feel that I’m part of the community even if it's in a different way now that I'm graduated and working. I have always believed that it’s important to give to something that you believe in, to a place that you fully support—or they supported you—and that you know others can benefit from just like you did. I think my desire to keep giving to the community stems from that. I am able to give back to the church in a consistent way which is a blessing. I choose to give to St. Tom’s because I know how important my gift is to the BGSU campus and to that community, especially to the students and parishioners. Just the exposure that St. Tom’s brings to the Bowling Green community is really significant. I currently don’t have a home parish, so it also makes sense to give to a parish I have called home for such a long time.


I’m extremely thankful for all of the people I’ve encountered at St. Tom’s, and for the people who have worked hard to make the experience that I had so good, and continue that work so that others can experience it in a similar way. I have a great sense of gratitude for all of the friendships I made when I was there; all of the relationships that bloomed from my involvement there. I’m extremely blessed to have experienced the St. Tom’s community. 

Travis Thornton, Class of 2019