I want to give back the same way I was served when I first came to St. Tom’s. I’ll just say Koinonia—our yearly student retreat—and how welcomed I felt into the community, because after that I started coming around here all the time. All the events they had going on, it was just such a great community to be welcomed into, so I want to create that same environment for others. I currently lead a men's group called Maccabees on Wednesdays. Besides that, I try to help out with anything I can, providing I have the time! 


I actually took initiative with founding Maccabees. Justin, one of the old FOCUS Missionaries, encouraged me to start a men’s group and that’s exactly what I did! I started it with Stephen Miller, a student who graduated last year. Now it’s just me, but I have a group of men who help me find ideas for our weekly meetings. 


Before COVID hit, I would try and put myself in Fireside most of the time to create a more welcoming environment, so that people would want to stay and hang out here. It’s harder to do now with COVID, but still something I try to do.

Being here has definitely helped me form an intimate relationship with Jesus, especially with encouraging daily Mass and participating in confession. Not just specifically through the Sacraments, but also through the events held here at St. Tom’s. Koinonia had a big help in creating that intimate relationship with Jesus. Just also being part of a community that isn’t just surface level, but you know more things about others, and care about each other’s souls. 

Tucker Howard, Junior

Mens Maccabees


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