Bob Korsnack joined St. Tom’s in 1967 as a student at BGSU. After graduation he remained in Bowling Green and made the parish his permanent home. “I have older children that have been through St. Tom’s and gone through religious ed. Then Jean and I got to know each other in the 1990’s and got married in June of 1999 at St. Al’s.”


“It was a busy year. I became Catholic at Easter, I graduated with my masters in May, and then I got married in June,” Jean shared. “Going through RCIA [at St. Tom’s] was the best decision I ever made.” After starting their own family, they both agreed that this was the best environment to raise their daughter Cate (UT ’23). “Having this opportunity to raise a daughter here in a university parish where the students are on fire like they so often are here, is something that you can’t do for your child somewhere else,” Jean said. The Korsnacks love the students of the St. Tom’s community so much that they even had a graduate live with them for three years whom they praise as an even greater example for Cate.


Both Jean and Bob believe that the parish has grown much since they both respectively became members. Jean explained, “The parish has changed quite a bit from when I became Catholic. It has grown and I feel like we have grown with it. Lots of opportunities to not just be involved in committees, but really in faith.” The addition of confession times, more Mass times convenient to college students’ schedules, and adoration are all aspects of what they believe brings this community closer to Christ. “This parish has grown in faith and reverence—before Mass, after Mass. I feel that we are much more fulfilling the mission of The [Catholic] Church, providing everything that The Church is supposed to provide and encourage.”


The Korsnacks give of their time by serving in numerous capacities: Bob on the finance council, both serving terms on pastoral council, attending to the Advent giving tree, and Jean helping beautify the church and grounds, just to name a few. Jean laughed “Ask the priest what needs done and he’ll give you a list to choose from! There’s a lot of great opportunities to serve in whatever season of life you’re in.” But when it comes down to their personal spiritual growth, Jean shared, “I just think of the people. The people that just reached out to get me involved in a bible study or another ministry. I’ve become more active where otherwise I wouldn’t be, because of all the opportunities.”


What makes St. Thomas More University Parish so special that it keeps the Korsnack family so committed to supporting this community? “We really believe in the mission of St. Tom’s. I always think back to ‘what’s the primary purpose for St. Thomas More?’ It’s to educate and provide the environment for the students to grow their faith. I feel that the year-round parishioners are here to support that mission,” Bob said. Jean added, “We’ve been blessed to a point that we can, and we do see the growth. We see the students really getting imbedded in their faith. What else would you want to support if you don’t want to support that?”